Christmas 2013 stamp from Romania

Christmas 2013 stamp from Romania

For all Christians, theBirth of Our Lord is God's gracious and reverent love mystery for people. The incarnation of God's Son, Who became a Human Being out of an endless love for the people, is the foundation and core of the Christian religion.

As for the word Craciun (Christmas), it is the result of many transformations originating in the Latin word creation (pronounced creacione), then followed by the linguistic modifications creacion, creaciunand finallycraciun (krakunin Bulgarian).

ForChristmas 2013postage stamps issue, introduced into circulation by Romfilatelia, were used images and icons belonging to Brancoveanu Settlements Patriarchal Chapel Domnita Balasa Churchfrom Bucharest. The first foundation of Domnita Balasa ban Manolache Lambrino, was built between 1743 and 1744.

During the same ceremony they also uncovered the statue of Domnita Balasa (1693 - 1752), which was the work of Karl Storck, a sculptor who in 1869 had made the statue of Spatharus Mihail Cantacuzino. The white marble statue of Domnita Balasa was placed in the southern part of the church, in the square formed by Domnita Balasa Settlements, to which they added in 1838 one of the most famous edifices of Bucharest, Brancoveanu Hospital, which was a foundation of Safta Grigore Basarab Brancoveanu.

The destructions caused by the bulldozers of the totalitarian regime resulted in the demolition of the hospital and the settlements, and the statue of Domnita Balasa, taken out from its old location, was placed in the church courtyard after 1989.

The image reproduced on the stamp with the face value ofleu 1belongs to an icon from the heritage of Brancoveanu Settlements Patriarchal Chapel Domnita Balasa Church, which also houses the worship place's first founder tomb.

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