Christmas 2013 3D stamps from Belgium

Christmas 2013 3D stamps from Belgium

Once again, the stamp issue by Belgium commemorating the end of 2013 is very special. It takes on the most frequently shown scene of the Christmas period: the crib. 3D illustration on Christmas stamps by bpost is a realization of two former students of the KASK in Ghent.

Christmas is the most emotionally charged time of year. Christmas markets allow people to spend precious moments of conviviality. Cribs are everywhere down the streets.

There are many live installationsof the nativity scenes in memory of the birth of Jesus.

That is why bpost selected the crib as religious symbol of the coming Christmas. To add some realism to the stamps' characters, a style similar to the modern 3d animation was chosen by the authors Virginie Suriano and Dries Bastiaensen , graduates of the "animated film" section of the KASK, Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent . This particular technique is very popular with the young audience that, through this vision, can adhere to the ancient story.

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