Children stamps – My Pet and I by Hong Kong

Children stamps – My Pet and I by Hong Kong

Hongkong Post issued a set of special stamps entitled "Children Stamps - My Pet and I".

Committed to promoting philately among children, Hongkong Post issues stamps with themes and designs with special appeal to children from time to time.

Pets make good companions for adults and children alike, and pet-keeping is a fun-filled activity. It not only brings joy to pet owners, but also nurtures a caring heart and a sense of responsibility. This new special stamp issue entitled "My Pet and I" features six pets that are very popular with local children, namely a dog, a cat, a tortoise, a guinea pig, a rabbit and a hamster. In pastel colours, the stamps depict the warm relationships of these animals with their junior companions. found out, that additionally Two Heartwarming Stamps (2013 Version) "Children Stamps - My Pet and I" Mini-panes featuring the dog (local mail postage) and the rabbit (air mail postage) were also released.

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