Centenaries 2013 series of stamps from Spain

Centenaries 2013 series of stamps from Spain

The new "Centenaries" stamp issue by Spanish Correos commemorates two important events: the Centenary of Aviation in the Canary Islands and the Centenary of the Baskonia Sports Club and Baskonia Mani Taldea of Basauri (Vizcaya).

The first flight of an engine airplane in the Canary islands occurred on April 30, 1913, when the French pilot Lance Garnier and the pilot from the Canary islands Jaime Company Escandell flew over the track set up on the Plains of Guanarteme, now integrated into the municipality of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The plane, a Bleriot XI with a wooden structure, steel tubes and gummed fabric, arrived at the island by boat. It reached a speed of 110 km/hour. In 1919 the first aircraft, a Lefranc seaplane, landed on the islands though it wasn't until 1924 when the arrival of the first aircraft landed at the Gando moor. One hundred years later, all of the islands have airport infrastructure and the Canary Islands is the Autonomous Community with the largest number of airports. The stamp is designed by Pep Carrio and depicts the flight of the original airplane.

In 1913 in Basauri was founded the Club Deportivo Basauri that grouped sports like soccer, mountaineering, athletics and swimming of which only the first two endure. The mountain section, Baskonia Taldea Mendi, was one of the most important clubs of the time whose activities were cut short during the Civil War. From 1953 it made a comeback with new generations of mountaineers who have made expeditions to the Himalayas, the Andes, the Alps, the peaks of the Basque Country and the Iberian Peninsula.The Centennial football team Club Deportivo Basconia or Baskonia, from Basauri, is the second team of the Athletic Bilbao and a feeder for the latter.

Characterised by its discipline and perseverance, it lived its golden years in the 1950s when it played in the second division.

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