Bush Babies II stamps from Australia

Bush Babies II stamps from Australia

This is the second in the Bush Babies stamp series by Australia post produced in co-ordination with the Perth Mint's release of bush baby coins. Bush Babies II features five more young Australian animals – platypus, echidna, brush-tailed possum, kookaburra and wombat. The stamps capture the whimsy and character of these young Australian animals.

Scientists didn't know what to make of the platypus when they first saw this strange animal that lives in water and on land, has a duck-like bill, a tail and short squat legs. The platypus is a monotreme – egg-laying mammal – and is protected in Australia.

Largely covered with strong pointed spines which protect it from predators, the echidna also has a long snout and sharp claws, both used in its search for food. The echidna shares with the platypus the rare distinction of being a monotreme – they are the only two in the world – and is protected in Australia.

A marsupial, the brush-tailed possum is the most common possum in Australia, found all long the east coast of the country. It is very active at night and sleeps most of the day.

The Wombat is among Australia's favourite animals, and loves to forage at night on native grasses, shrubs and trees before returning to its burrow for the day.

The Kookaburra is the world's largest kingfisher, and is best known for its rather hysterical laughing call. It is a meat-eater preying on lizards, snakes, insects, mice and other small birds.

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