Brazilian Cemeteries – Cultural Heritage new Brazilian stamps

Brazilian Cemeteries – Cultural Heritage new Brazilian stamps

In this issue, the Brazilian Post presents four Brazilian cemeteries that have been listed by IPHAN, Brazil's Historic and Artistic National Heritage Institute, ensuring that they are recognized as Brazilian Cultural Heritage: Santa Isabel Cemetery in Mucuge (state of Bahia), the Gateway to Arez Cemetery (state of Rio Grande do Norte), the Batalhao Cemetery (state of Piaui) and the Soledade Cemetery (state of Para).

Arez Cemetery is represented by a close-up of its listed gateway. Batalhao Cemetery is represented by some graves and a tree, highlighting the place's simplicity. The white tombs in front of the background mountains are the highlighted features of the Santa Isabel Cemetery. The stamp showing Soledade Cemetery focuses on the image of one of the many statues that adorn the site. The use of the silver color gives the stamps an air of relic and preciousness, enhancing the perception of cemeteries as places to be preserved for their cultural heritage. The technique used was vector illustration.


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