Birds of South America – Golden Tanager stamp from Guyana

Birds of South America – Golden Tanager stamp from Guyana

The post of Guyana issued a new stamp within the series "Birds of South America". The issue is dedicated to Golden Tanager.

The Golden Tanager (Tangara arthus) is endemic to South America. As the name suggests, it is a brilliant golden yellow color. The details of the coloration vary geographically, and no fewer than nine subspecies are recognized. On the throat and underparts, the coloration ranges from chestnut to golden yellow. The Golden Tanager eats a combination of fruit and insects, and hops along mossy branches in search of the latter. They travel in mixed species flocks, usually accompanied by up several other individuals. The Golden Tanager occurs in humid montane forests from Venezuela south to Bolivia. It also occurs at forest borders, but is a predominantly forest dwelling bird.

The IUCN assesses the conservation status of the Golden Tanager as of Least Concern.

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