Bangkok World Book Capital 2013 commemorated on Thai stamp

Bangkok World Book Capital 2013 commemorated on Thai stamp

The Post of Thailand issued a stamp celebrating Bangkok as the World Book Capital 2013.

UNESCO has awarded Bangkok the World Book Capital City 2013. In recognition of this special honor, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), in collaboration with the Bangkok Reading Group, is reigniting pride in Thailand's literary heritage and instilling a strong and sustainable culture of reading among city residents.

The theme selected for the Bangkok World Book Capital City 2013 is "Bangkok, Read for Life" - a phrase that captures the essence and importance of reading and reflects the combined efforts of the Thai government and city administration to inspire Thai citizens to use reading to improve their quality of life and build a resilient and peaceful society. The Bangkok World Book Capital 2013 has enormous potential to impact all of the country.

As the capital city of Thailand, events in Bangkok influence the entire population. Moreover, successful reading promotion programs can eventually be replicated throughout the kingdom.

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