Austrian Inventions: Waterproof Mascara stamp

Austrian Inventions: Waterproof Mascara stamp

The new stamp from "Austrian Inventions" series by Austrian post is dedicated to waterproof mascara and the history of its invention.

At the beginning of the 30's Helene Winterstein Kambersky, nee Vierthaler, developed the first waterproof mascara in the world.

Before the invention, the life of the acclaimed singer was filled with her love of the opera and music; a love which began when she was a baby. Her Great Great Grandfather, Michael Vierthaler, was a student of Mozart's father Leopold and of Joseph Haydn and a patron of Franz Schubert.

During her numerous stage performances the stage lights repeatedly made her make-up run and left black marks under her eyes.

This worrying situation caused her to begin work on the perfect mascara in her own kitchen. After 2000 failed attempts the first patented waterproof mascara in the world was invented and began a new era of cosmetics designed for eyes. After a bad illness caused her to be wheelchair bound, her courage and her innovativeness were the key and the drive to her second career as an extremely successful businesswoman.

Numerous further developments and innovative products followed and always had something in common: they were completely resistant and were gentle on the eyes and skin. This lead her to develop a plan for a cosmetic company.

Helene Winterstein Cosmetics has been a family company since it was founded in 1936 and is now being managed by the third generation. The company base has remained in the first district in Vienna.

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