Australia’s ocean gardens featured on stamps

Australia’s ocean gardens featured on stamps

Australia Post is featuring two of the most stunning coral reefs in the world – the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland and Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia – in a new stamp issue.

The two domestic base-rate (60c) stamps show underwater images and the two large letter-rate ($1.20) stamps show aerial images of the two reefs.

As Australia Post Philatelic Manager Michael Zsolt reported to, "Australia is blessed with marine environments containing incredible biodiversity. The stamp designs showcase the rich natural beauty of two of Australia's most remarkable coral reefs."

Ningaloo Reef is just off the coast of Western Australia's Cape Range peninsula, and about 1055 kilometres north of Perth. This World Heritage-listed region is home to the largest fringing coral reef in Australia. Whale sharks are regular visitors arriving in April for the coral-spawning season.

The Great Barrier Reef runs for more than 2000 kilometres along the Queensland coast and is the world's largest coral reef system. It has almost 200 varieties of hard coral and more than 100 types of soft coral. Species found on the reef include minke whales, barracuda, batfish, whitetip reef sharks and blue-stripe snapper.

The stamps were designed by Sharon Rodziewicz from the Australia Post Design Studio.

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