Ancient Actions on new stamps from French Polynesia

Ancient Actions on new stamps from French Polynesia

The Post of French Polynesia issued a set of stamps with unusual design featuring ancient actions.

The second French colonial empire was established from 1830 and met its apogee between the two world wars. Between 1919 and 1939, its surface area was over 13 millions km² and had 65 millions of inhabitants.

During those years, firms, companies and all kind of small enclaves or "comptoirs" settled in French Oceania, with head offices either in Paris or Tahiti. Which is the case of the "compagniefrançaise de TAHITI", established in 1913, by the Etablissements Chiris, operating the atolls of Scilly and Tupai.

Each company showed originality in presenting its actions. Most did not brought wealth to their owners, but some are nowadays considered as artworks and collected as such, just like stamps.

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