Accession of Croatia to the European Union stamps

Accession of Croatia to the European Union stamps

Two new stamps were issued by Hrvatska Posta to celebrate Croatia's accession to the European Union on the 1 of July 2013. Stamp in the value of 3.10 HRK has been issued in so called Croatian sheet (25 stamps in 30 fields) and the stamp in the value of 20.00 HRK has been issued in souvenir sheet. The stamps and souvenir sheet are offset-printed with the application of innovative infrared technique, which enables the "image in image" effect. In Croatian sheet, under infrared light, in the background of the stamp, Croatian coat of arms and stars from the EU flag and on the souvenir sheet first two strophes of the national anthem of the Republic of Croatia are visible.

Croatia entered the European Union prepared like no country before. No country before had criteria for opening and closing of chapters; Croatians negotiations contained more chapters than any other country before; Croatia is the first country which had a special chapter– judiciary. In this way Croatia created standards and criteria for the countries which will participate in future stages of EU enlargement and has also set foundations for evaluating judiciary situation in other countries members, which is a large contribution also for the functioning of the European Union.

Full membership in the European Union has for Croatia but also for the whole Europe an additional value – stability of the whole region. Equally, the membership in the European Union will mean for Croatian people greater chances to promote their culture and language since Croatian language will become one of the twenty-four official languages of the European Union.

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