A Postage Stamp for White Stork, the National Bird of Lithuania

A Postage Stamp for White Stork, the National Bird of Lithuania

This spring, Lithuania Post welcomes returning storks with a new postage stamp White Stork, National Bird of Lithuania. The painting featuring White Stork landing on a nest is used for the stamp. The author of the picture is a painter Roberta Masidlauskyte, and that of the stamp design is an artist Rolandas Grigaravicius.

The White Stork (Ciconia ciconia) is a farmland bird that settles in the vicinity of areas where people live. White Storks are active mainly during the day. They consume a wide variety of animal prey. They prefer to forage in meadows, pastures, and swamps. Common food items include insects, invertebrates, fish, amphibians, eggs and young birds of ground nesting birds, sometimes - rats, mice, various reptiles. Frogs represent only minor part of the diet.

White Storks usually nest on buildings, poles, water towers, top of trees. People help storks to settle by installing pedestals of nest. The birds bring quite large branches then and build nests of hay balls, turf, dry manure, etc. White Storks build their nest continuously, even when stork chicks grow. While living in nests and repairing them White Storks assemble quite a large structure, which sometimes suffer from storks fighting and strong winds.

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