20th Anniversary of Croatian’s post Mostar first postage stamps

20th Anniversary of Croatian’s post Mostar first postage stamps

Croatian post Mostar began with its work in 1993 as part of the company Croatian post and telecommunication – HPT, and from the 1st January 2003 Croatian post Mostar works as an independent postal administration – HP. The first postage stamps were created and survived during the war in the 1993. Since then it has been 20 years, and postage stamps of HP Mostar have recorded history and have become a part of it.

The first postage stamp "Herzeg-Bosnian religious monuments - Medjugorje" with the image of the Queen of Peace and Medjugorje shrine was printed on the 12th May 1993. It was regular issue and had a name Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina – Croatian Community Herzeg-Bosnia. The stamp author, nominal value of 2000 Croatian dinars, was a professor at the Academy of Fine Art in Zagreb Ivica Sisko. The stamp was printed in Zrinski Cakovec and after it four more stamps were printed in May to meet the needs of postal traffic.

Postage stamps of Croatian post Mostar are one of the most important advertising media that carries the message of the spiritual, cultural and material wealth to the world, not only of Croatian people in B&H but also of entire Bosnia and Herzegovina. A variety of international themes can be found on the Croatian’s post stamps but we are especially proud of the EUROPA stamps which are issued under the patronage of PostEurop and of stamps which are issued in collaboration with the World Wide Fund for Nature – WWF.

Croatian post Ltd. Mostar has issued commemorative postage stamp in sheet of 10 stamps (9 stamps + 1 vignette), maximum card, postmark and the first day cover (FDC). The sheet will be released on 12th May.

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