160 years since the foundation of Kragujevac factory “ZASTAVA ARMS JSC”

160 years since the foundation of Kragujevac factory “ZASTAVA ARMS JSC”

After becoming the capital city, in 1818, as the geographic center of Serbia, Kragujevac was destinated for stronger development. The military industry was lanched because, in Serbia, in the those days, the process of liberation and gaining independence was a priority.

On St. Petka, the 27th October 1853, the first cannons were successfully casted. The ceremony was attended by Prince Alexander Karađorđević.

The Foundry had the first steam engines (1853), the first military-artisan school was founded in 1854, the first quality control was introduced in 1856, the first industrial electric lighting in 1884. It was the nursery of engineering and technical thoughts, but also cultural development.

At the World Trade Fair in Paris (1889), the factory was awarded with six medals. The adaptation of the single-shot rifle Kokinka M1880/1907 in the five-shot rifle M1880/1907 was done by the lieutenant colonel, Gojko Đurić. The rifle Mauser-Milovanović-Đurić was proclaimed the best in the world. Between two World Wars, the Military Technical Institute is restored. The gun and ammunition factory was officially put into operation on 27th October 1928. and in Serbia was launched the first serial production.

After World War II, the turning point in the development of the factory was the establishment of an independent development in 1964. and the development of Kalashnikov family of automatic weapons M70.

The development of the factory Zastava Arms has always been connected with the cultural and historical development of the Serbian state. As a strategically important part of the defense system, the factory is still state owned.

The reputation of the factory, is based, since its founding, on tradition, quality products and cosmopolitan spirit. 160 years ago, in Kragujevac were laid the foundations of the industrial development of Serbia, and today Zastava Arms is a recognized brand in the world.

Motifs on the stamp: Building (former) of the Cannon Foundry, built in 1882, today the Museum of the Old Foundry, Zastava Arms; drawing of the first tools made in the Cannon Foundry in Kragujevac M1853 (author of drawing Branko Bogdanović) and the machine for processing of cannon projectiles, Selesković system.

Motif on the envelope: Administration Building, 1928 (the solemn opening on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of founding) and constructional documentation for the M1880/1907 rifle Mauser-Milovanović-Đurić

Artistic realization of the stamp: MA Nadežda Skočajić, academic painter – graphic artist.

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