150th Anniversary of the Introduction of the Gas Network System in Zagreb stamp by Croatia

150th Anniversary of the Introduction of the Gas Network System in Zagreb stamp by Croatia

Hrvatskaposta issued a stamp to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the introduction of the gas network system in Zagreb.

The Zagreb gasworks was put into operation on 31 October 1863 and was situated in the building block enclosed today by the Mazuranic square and Hebrangova, Gunduliceva and Zerjaviceva streets. Its owner was an entrepreneur from Augsburg, L. A. Riedinger to whom the city authorities granted permit to found a company. Although the beginnings of gas network in the center of Zagreb date almost half a century after the erection of the gasworks in Vienna, the installation of the first gas lamps is an important moment in modernizing infrastructure. To the citizens of Zagreb a public lighting system was ensured and the candles and paraffin lamps in homes of well-off citizens were gradually replaced by gas light.

The gasworks was operating efficiently and making significant profit so that in 1873 its shares were bought up by national entrepreneurs. The town municipality overtook the gasworks in 1900. By that time the technology of production has already been modernized - gas was no longer produced by dry distillation of wood and coal was used instead.

The gasworks operates today at that same location in the part of the town which has seen significant changes in the last decade and has been transformed from industrial into business area (City). The gas production has been moved to another location but the logistics center and distribution are still there, at the beginning of Radnicka Street.

Although the recognizablegasometers were demolished some fifteen years ago, the preserved original parts of the gasworks installation from 1911 witness about the importance of the city's oldest municipal company in the process of modernizing the infrastructure of Zagreb.

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