Tristan Song Project on stamps

The Tristan da Cunha Post Office issued four stamps in honour of the Tristan Song Project. The Tristan Song Project is an unlikely collaboration between children from the most remote inhabited island in the world and pupils from Norfolk, England.

In 2009, Norfolk's Tony Triggs, a private teacher of music, contacted the Education Advisor at St Mary's School on Tristan da Cunha suggesting that if St Mary's pupils wrote poems he and his own young pupils could turn them into songs.

The Tristan Song Project succeeded beyond their expectations. The island children soon had a repertoire of songs to perform for visiting tourists, and some appeared in Rockhopper Penguins and Other Songs, with profits providing St Mary's School with guitars and other instruments.

The current issue consists of four stamps, each with an image or part image of a musical instrument traditionally found on the island or supplied by the Project, along with words from some of the Project songs and jauntily-presented music notation.

The 35p (recorder) stamp quotes the nonsense song "When Fish Get the Flu".

The 45p (violin) stamp has words from "Rockhopper Penguins," reflecting the waddling antics of these much-loved island inhabitants.

The 70p (guitar) stamp features "The Volcano's Black," whose menacing words match the smoldering menace of Tristan's volcano.

The £1.10p (accordion) stamp contains words from "The Molly" (albatross), a bird whose cry haunts the island's gaunt cliffs.

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