St Patrick’s Day stamp from Ireland

An Post issued a stamp to celebrate St Patrick's Day.
St Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. He was born around 390AD in Wales, and died at Saul, Downpatrick, Co. Down, in 460AD.

St Patrick is credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland, which at that time was a pagan country. Legend also holds that, using his wooden staff, he drove the snakes from Ireland into the sea. However, this is probably a metaphor for putting an end to pagan practices in Ireland, some of which involved the worshiping of snakes and serpents.

St Patrick's Day, March 17, is both a religious and a public holiday in Ireland. The day is traditionally marked by parades, which are staged throughout Ireland and in cities in all corners of the world.

The stamp was designed by Steve Simpson. The stamp shows Lucia Reynolds and Kathy Hardiman, enjoying the 2012 St Patrick's Day Parade, in Dublin.

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