A Celebration of Coronation commemorative stamps from Isle of Man

Isle of Man Post Office presents a set of six stamps which feature various commemorative items dating from the Coronation of Queen Victoria through to the present monarch Queen Elizabeth II.

Medals, china or pottery drinking mugs - sometimes badges - were all treasured keepsakes for generations. They were, and remain, remembrances of times when processions, pageants, firework displays, street parties and sports celebrated the Coronation of a new King or Queen. Some could be bought, others were "awarded" to young people to be kept as a reminder of events that were high points in their lives.

Today, aided by the advent of the internet in particular, a huge range of commemorative products are collected and traded the world over. As new technology develops, that range has grown to include computer "apps" and downloaded music and film footage making souvenirs more widely available than ever before.

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