Chinese New Year

Eesti Post issued a stamp to celebrate the Year of the Snake.

By the Chinese zodiac calendar the Year of the Snake will start on February 10. Although many people associate the Snake with dangers and venoms, it is still regarded as a symbol of happiness. The Snake, a mysterious, slightly dangerous but an interesting and clever creature was admired in ancient China as great thinker.

People born in the Year of the Snake approach problems rationally and with logic; they are intuitively clever and their business goes well. But they are often stingy and sometimes egoistic. Snake people are almost always successful in their work or in their private lives; they are stylish, fashionable and have wonderful taste. They are usually very attractive but could cause some family problems due to their light heartedness. The snake does not accept mediocrity and therefore we will see important developments in the sphere of science and technology in the Year of the Snake and a year of great achievement and renewal lies ahead.

The snake of the year 2013 is the Water-Snake; the element, water, is very closely connected with education and science and the new year will be good for scientific research.

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