Fauna of Russia. Wild Goats and Rams stamps

The new series Fauna of Russia is dedicated to wild goats and rams widely presented on the territory of the Russian Federation. The largest representative of wild goats is argali, whose length is 120-200 cm, height at the withers 90-120 cm, weight 65-180 kg. Depending on the size and color of the body several sub-types are distinguished. The largest is the Pamir argali mountain sheep, or Marco Polo. Both males and females have long horns, but males' may be up to 13% of body weight. Argali lives in mountainous areas of the Central Asia and southern Siberia. It is listed in the Red Book of the Russian Federation.

The stamps depict the argali (Ovis ammon), the wild goat (Capra aegagrus), the West Caucasian tur (Capra caucasica), and the snow sheep (Ovis nivicola).

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