Kiipsaare Lighthouse stamp by Estonia

Eesti Post has issued a stamp commemorating the 80th anniversary of the Kiipsaare lighthouse.

The Kiipsaare lighthouse standing at Kiipsaare Head in the northwestern corner of Harilaid Peninsula of the Estonian island of Saaremaa was built in 1933. The 25 meter reinforced concrete structure has been painted black in alternative stripes and its lantern roof is black. The altitude of the round sector acetylene light was 27 meters, and its visibility 12 miles. Its duty was to warn seamen about the dangers in the vicinity of the peninsula and to be of assistance in taking bearings.

Five years later a stone house was built next to the lighthouse and a year later a sauna as well. During the years the nature of the lighthouse has changed and in 1988-1992 it worked fed by radioactive isotopes. If in 1988 the waterline was still 11 meters from the lighthouse, then by the early 1990s the sea had already arrived at the lighthouse and it started to incline. Because of this the generator was removed in 1992 and Kiipsaare Lighthouse remained in the records as a daymark until 2009.

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