Save the Tamaraw stamps from the Philippines

The Philippine Postal Corporation has issued stamps featuring Far Eastern University's "Save the Tamaraw" project.

The Tamaraw (Bubalus Mindorensis) is a small and shy buffalo, also known as wild dwarf buffalo. They are endemic land mammals found only in the island of Mindoro, Philippines which has been tagged as the "Land of the Tamaraws".

The Tamaraw is the mascot of every FEU athletic team. Since 2005 the students and faculty of FEU through its "Save the Tamaraw" project, has provided support for continual management and research-oriented program by participating in annual Tamaraw count held on April. FEU has additionally extended health and livelihood services for communities residing in and around the Iglit-Baco Range (an area near the Tamaraw habitat).

The design of the first stamp is an illustration of the Tamaraw. It is incorporated with an aggressive look which is inherent to the Tamaraw. The green and yellow colors symbolize the FEU community.

The second stamp design shows a Tamaraw in its natural habitat at sunset. The dignified look on its face shows that it is a survivor no matter what happens.

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