‘Pendant’ greetings stamp from Slovenia

The latest greetings stamp by the post of Slovenia bears the motif of one of the padlocks whose number is effectively growing from day to day at the new Mesarski Most bridge in Ljubljana. By hanging up a locked padlock, couples make a symbolic manifestation of their commitment to eternal love. This custom, or now almost ritual practice, is simply a projection of the European or indeed global cultural phenomenon into a Slovenian setting.

There are various explanations as to where and when the hanging of padlocks on bridges began. The most feasible of these explanations are those that ascribe the beginning of marking the "bridges of love" to the Ponte Milvio in Rome, where around the year 2000, inspired by a book by the Italian author Federico Moccia, people started hanging padlocks. Rome was then followed by numerous other cities. Paris, Moscow, Cologne, Bamberg, Florence, Dublin, even the Uruguayan city of Montevideo, Vrnjacka Banja in Serbia and many others joined in. The visual demonstration of eternal love has thus taken on a new form in this new millennium, and this has gone far beyond the now "classic" forms, such as carving hearts in tree trunks. The padlocks on Mesarski Most in Ljubljana now place the Slovenian capital city on the global and European maps of locations with bridges of love.

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