Hermes – Wholeheartedly stamps from France

The French Post has issued a block of stamps dedicated to the Saint Valentine day and featuring the "Wholeheartedly" design by Hermes.

Since 1937 the silk square 90x90 by Hermes is a symbol of creativity, refinement and know-how. Beyond seasons and collections, the Hermes square has always kept the style and quality requirements that made it famous. It owes its timeless character to many artists and illustrators. The designer Zoe Pauwels collaborates with Hermes since 1984. She drew several squares, including the "Wholeheartedly" design illustrated on this stamp.

It is covered with a multitude of small hearts, circling birds, shooting stars prolonged with long floating ribbons that fit inside a big heart. Two swans embody tenderness, love and fidelity. The whole square vibrates with flowers and light sounds by a secretly hidden lyre. This delicate instrument, invented by the god Hermes, is one of the poet Orpheus. This stamp issue has a philatelic singularity: this is the first time when stamps inserted in the block have five different visuals.

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