Cultural Heritage of Slovakia: Empire Theatre in Hlohovec stamp

Pofis Post has issued a stamp to commemorate the Empire Theatre of Hlohovec.

The only preserved building of a private aristocratic theatre in Slovakia was built by Count Joseph Erdody and his wife Elisabeth Mayer in 1802 due to a visit of the Emperor Joseph II. The empire building is situated in English castle garden. The unknown architect focused on its symmetry and moderation. There are coats of arms of the Erdody Family above both entrances, while relief of flower wreaths with a crossed arrow and quiver and masks with a Latin inscription "To Sisters Thalia [muse of comedy] and Melpomene [muse of tragedy] from a friend of muses G(rof) J(ozef) E(rdody) 1802". Putti (naked children with appearance of small angels) are subject matters of six embossments. The taller ones symbolize music and the shorter ones four seasons of the year. The embossments are assigned to the Czech sculptor Filip Jakub Prokop, who worked for the Erdody family, to a sculptor Ioannes Ros from Trnava because three embossments are signed "I.R." or to Italian artist Pietro Travaglia, who took part in castle modifications.

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