Raoul Wallenberg stamp from Canada

Raoul Wallenberg is a national hero of Canada. During the Second World War he saved as many as 100,000 Jewish people in Budapest, Hungary. Wallenberg arrived in Budapest in 1944. He designed a protective passport called the Schutz-Pass featuring the symbols and colours of Sweden, which he handed out indiscriminately, often in dangerous circumstances, to people in the Jewish community. But before he could return home at the end of the war, he disappeared into Soviet custody with no satisfactory explanation of his fate.

In recognition of his efforts, the Canadian government made the Swedish-born Wallenberg Canada's first honorary citizen in 1985, and designated January 17, the day of his disappearance, as Raoul Wallenberg Day.

The stamp, featuring Wallenberg's passport photo from 1944, shows a number of elements related to his efforts in Budapest including Hungarian Jews rescued from deportation and images from the Schutz-Pass.

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