Humans and Nature – Zuvintas Biosphere Reserve stamps from Lithuania

Lithuania Post has released a souvenir sheet with three stamps from the series "Humans and Nature". In the new stamps the artist Greta Gruzdaityte has depicted the red fox, bearded tit, and the endangered moorland spotted orchid. These species are presented in the Zuvintas Biosphere Reserve.

The Zuvintas Biosphere Reserve is the first Lithuanian site included into the UNESCO list of biosphere reserves. This is one of the richest territories of Lithuania being exclusive for a diverse and unique nature complex. The territory also gives shelter for rare and endangered flora and fauna species as well as communities of wet meadows that are now rare in Lithuania.

The name of Zuvintas became famous because of birds. Numerous birds of the Lake of Zuvintas attracted investigators already since the 19th century. Almost 227 species of birds have been observed in the Zuvintas Biosphere Reserve since 1980. Out of them, 153 species used to breed or are breeding here. The Lake of Zuvintas is called "the cradle of Lithuanian swans" as the mute swan has spread from here to other Lithuanian lakes.

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