Canadian Pride stamps

Canadian Post has issued a set of five definitive stamps featuring Canadian flag implemented in everyday activities of Canadians.

The stamps created by designer Karen Smith feature essentially scenes with Canadian flag uniquely displayed. In one, three Muskoka chairs lounge on a dock facing a lake in early fall, evoking Canadian cottages from coast to coast. The fall colours are recalled by the golden hue of a very Canadian hay bale that waits in a prairie field at harvest time.

On the East Coast, just outside Halifax, a spinnaker fills with a summer breeze representing the Canadian sails and flags that fill our waterways each season. During Canada Day celebrations in Winnipeg more than 3,000 patriotic Canadians gather on the lawn of the provincial legislature to form a living flag, challenging a record held by Victoria, British Columbia. Finally, a lone fishing hut brings a splash of colour on a clear day to a frozen Lake Scugog, Ontario.

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