Islands of Amsterdam and Saint Paul stamp from French Southern and Antarctic Lands

The new TAAF stamp tells the linked stories of the islands of Saint Paul and Amsterdam. Indeed, the island of St. Paul as well as the island of Amsterdam are located to the south of the road between Cape Town (South Africa) and the Sunda Islands (South East Asia), between Europe and India. The island of St. Paul was recognized for the first time by Gysaerths, a Portuguese navigator, in 1559. The island of Amsterdam was firstly mentioned in the journal of the Magellan's expedition in March 18, 1522. In 1892, the French frigate La Bourdonnais repossessed the two islands, which was confirmed by the passage of another French warship L'Eure, backing from Kerguelen in 1893. A decree of the French Government from November 21, 1924 attributed the islands Crozet, Kerguelen, Amsterdam and Saint-Paul to the district of "scattered islands." Then, in 1955, they became a district of French Southern and Antarctic Lands (TAAF) and formed a new French Overseas Territory (TOM).

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