Daily Life Scenes of Today and Yesteryear stamps from French Polynesia

The Post of French Polynesia issued stamps to remind the old Tahitian traditions of partying and their today's incarnation. The stamps feature street musicians and the legendary Quinn's Bar.

The Quinn's Bar was established in the 1940s, and was one of the most famous night clubs in the vast Pacific Ocean. It was known to every seaman and they were so enthusiastic when talking to visitors about it that the latter would rush into the club as soon as they had set foot on Papeete quays. It was the dance-bar which reflected the most the image of traditional Tahitian partying. The local music bands and orchestras which performed there enjoyed a reputation that extended way beyond the borders of Tahiti. The local beer flowed in abundance and bouncers were busy evicting noisy and agitated party-goers through one of the saloon doors. Only very few girls had not performed frenzy dancing in this Mecca of joie-de-vivre.

The Quinn's Bar was closed in 1973 due to unsanitary conditions and did not reopen. But there are many little bands that now bring some life into some corners of the capital city.

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