The Chevalier de Tromelin stamp from French Southern and Antarctic Lands

This stamp features the Chevalier de Tromelin. In July 31, 1761, Utile, a barge of the French East India Company, was wrecked on an island while transporting slaves from Madagascar to Mauritius. The crew left the 60 slaves on the island and returned to Madagascar in a makeshift boat, promising to come and take them away. However, only fifteen years later, on 29 November 1776, the Chevalier de Tromelin recovered eight survived slaves: seven women and a child of eight months. The French flag was planted on the island which was named Tromelin in honor of this chevalier. JacquesMarie Boudin de Lanneguy de Tromelin, born in 1751 and died in 1798, saved the slaves aboard the corvette La Dauphine.

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