130th Establishment Year of Beypazari Municipality stamps from Turkey

130th Establishment Year of Beypazari Municipality stamps from Turkey

Turkish post celebrated the 130th anniversary of the establishment of Beypazari municipality by issuing two beautiful stamps.

Beypazari today is a small town in a rural district famous for its carrots, (producing nearly 60% of Turkey's carrots), silverwork, and a high quality natural mineral water. The crystal mineral trona, a kind of natural soda used in glass-making is extracted in Beypazari.

With its rich history, architectural heritage and attractive rocky countryside Beypazari is becoming increasingly attractive to visitors. The cobbled streets of white Ottoman period buildings are particularly attractive; many of the old houses have been restored as hotels and restaurants. Every June the town holds its popular Traditional Historical Houses, Handicrafts, Carrot and stew Festival. The visitors of course are bringing valuable income to the town, shopping for silverware and providing good custom for the food markets and restaurants.

For many visitors a major attraction is the cuisine, which includes typical Turkish dishes such as the yoghurt drink ayran, tarhana, stuffed vine leaves, home-made sausage mumbar, and a stew cooked in a stone-oven guvec. Sweets include the sweet cream pudding called hosmerim and pastries including a dry buttery biscuit called Beypazari kurusu, and a renowned 80-layer baklava. They are also very inventive with their carrots, drinking carrot juice and producing carrot-flavoured Turkish Delight and carrot ice-cream. Beypazari is surrounded by good farmland and the fresh ingredients are a large part of why Beypazari's cooking is so popular with visitors.

The stamps feature the building of Tasmektep in Beypazari and the local delicacies.

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