130th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Fire Brigade stamps from Macao

130th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Fire Brigade stamps from Macao

The Fire Brigade of Macao is approaching its 130th anniversary since its establishment on 2 May 1883 in 2013. During this period, Macao has experienced huge changes, especially during the 13 years after Macao's return to the motherland; many new types large-scale entertainment and resort hotels have been established with the opening of gambling concessions, making Macao become a "world-famous tourism and leisure center".

The early fire-fighting work was governed by Xiangshan County Government of Guangdong province and coolie hall was set up in the folk to assist to put our fires. From the late 19th century to now, the fire brigade has developed into today's army with advanced equipment and more than 1,000 personnel from an army with simple equipment through a lot of hard work and struggle. The firefighters have been sticking to the posts of duty for a long time with the fire-fighting spirit of "Abandoning self for others" to contribute to the prosperity of Macao as well as safeguarding civilians' lives and property.

The stamps depict the Central Fire Station and Fire Services Museum and British style manual pulp; Taipa Fire Station and British style ladder; Areia Preta Fire Station and Aerial ladder platform; Headquarters of Fire Brigade & Sai Van Lake Fire Station and High Reach Extendable Turret Stinger; Command Building of Fire Brigade and British style steam pump.

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