Turkey stamps: Agriculture and Human in Turkey

The Turkish post issued commemorative stamps with the theme of Agriculture and Human in Turkey with six values of 2-TL, 2-TL, 1-TL, 1-TL, 50-Krş and 50-Krş and FDC of this stamp issue with the value of 7,50 TL.

Agricultural sector has always been the strong point of Turkish economy. Turkey is the world's largest producer of hazelnut, cherry, fig, apricot, quince, pomegranate, watermelon, cucumber, chickpea, tomato, eggplant, green pepper, lentil, pistachio,  onion, olive, sugar beet,  tobacco, tea, apple, cotton, barley, almond, wheat, rye, grapefruit, lemon. These impressive achievements wouldn’t be possible without hard work of Turkish people.

The Agriculture and People annual stamp issues by Turkey glorify and honor people working in agriculture.

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