Antiterrorist Fighter’s Day stamps from Romania

Focusing on the fundamental power of information, Romanian antiterrorist forces placed the concepts of prevention and cooperation at the heart of the National System for the Prevention and Countering of Terrorism (SNPCT), a body which is technically coordinated by the Romanian Intelligence Service. Furthermore, in order for the System to efficiently accomplish its missions, in 2005, SRI also established the Antiterrorist Operative Coordination Centre.

The System's internal cooperation mechanism was designed so as to meet the need for strategic step by step thinking within a broad global framework. As a full NATO and EU member state, Romaniastands, together with its partners, firm and unequivocal to its commitment to fight terrorism.

Every year, on December 24th, the Antiterrorist Brigade commemorates the Antiterrorist Fighter's Day. Then, the unit's fighting flag is flown at half mast, in sign of profound respect for its heroes.

For any antiterrorist fighter, the sacrifice of the Unit's pioneers represents a lesson of duty fulfilled and a performance worthy of an elite squad.

This year Romfilatelia introduces into circulation a postage stamp issue dedicated to this event.

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