100 Years of the Serbian Military Air Forces – Six new stamps

The Serbian Post under expert cooperation of Serbian Ministry of Defence, Command of Air Force and Air Defence of the Army of Serbia issued a set of stamps to celebrate the 100 years of creation and development of the Serbian Military Air Force, the century of the heroic life of the airmen in the fight for freedom of the people and the homeland. Since the Balkan wars, through the First and Second World War, post-war time, bombing in 1999 and continuing to this day, generations of pilots, air defenders, technicians and specialists of different aviation profiles have given their youth, knowledge, enthusiasm and most valuable - their lives in the rich history of aviation.

Their heroic deeds are never-ending inspiration and an example for present and future generations of pilots how to defend the honour of the profession and how to love and defend their homeland. Today, the Serbian Military Air Force is organized on the model of the world's leading air forces.

The stamps illustrate: balloon "Srbija", airplane Fizir FN, airplane Rogožarski IK-3, airplane Ikarus S-49, airplane Soko Jastreb and airplane Lasta 95.

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