France-Sweden joint stamp issue: Masked Ball

The joint issue between France and Sweden honors the Opera Garnier in Paris and the Opera House of Stockholm as well as a French opera composer and a dramatic historic event in Stochholm.

The background of the French block shows the staircase of the Opera Garnier. The Sweden block’s background illustrates the hall of the Opera House.

The first joint stamp features a portrait of Daniel François Esprit Auber, French composer, born in Caen January 29, 1782 and died in Paris May 12, 1871. He composed the opera “Gustav III, or The Masked Ball”.

The second stamp evokes Olof Westring, principal dancer at the Royal Swedish Ballet, in the role of Gustav III in a ballet with the same name from 2008.

“Masked Ball” is a historic opera in five acts retracing and depicting the last hours of Gustave III and his murder. The opera had its premier in the theater of the Royal Academy of Music, Paris on February 27, 1833.

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