Christmas Cookies stamps from Canada

The Canada Post has issued a set of special Christmas stamps featuring Christmas cookies. Wonderfully decorated sweet treats are a traditional part of celebrating the festive season all around the world. It's almost impossible to resist the temptation of fragrant and warm-from-the-oven Christmas cookies. These stamps will be the perfect addition to Christmas cards and letters as they will put the Christmas spirit right into the hands of dearest people and will stir up some happy childhood memories and act as a tasty reminder of the pleasures of holiday baking.

The domestic (Canadian) Christmas Cookies stamp features a pair of iconic gingerbread people, looking perfectly sweet and delicious. The images are so realistic that you can almost smell the ginger and nutmeg and taste the creamy sweet icing.

The international stamp for the holiday season features a snowflake-shaped cookie, decorated with creamy sweet icing and a festive green ribbon. Great care was taken to capture the cookie in picture. It looks so fresh, that you can almost smell the fragrant aroma of ginger and nutmeg!

The U.S. Christmas Cookies stamp features 3 beautifully decorated star-shaped cookies on a fresh, white background. They've tied with red and blue ribbons, so they're perfectly dressed for their trip south of the border!

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