Trades of Yesteryear III stamps from Luxembourg

The traditional stamp issue from Luxembourg "Trades of Yesteryear" is dedicated to the professions left in the past centuries. The current issue covers the trades of washerwoman, hatter, farmer and market gardener.

Washerwoman: With the assistance of soap, board, and beater, washerwomen were responsible for washing clothes. Each piece of clothing was first soaked, then rubbed and washed.

Then the clothes were dried outside and ironed before being returned to the closet.

Hatter: One hundred years ago, hats were still part of everyday clothing. The trade of the hatter was, therefore, well represented. With creative ideas, various forms and fabrics, as well as with the support of other decorative materials, hatters had a considerable influence on fashion at the time.

Farmer: The trade of farmer was synonymous with heavy physical labour. There wasn't farm machinery available to families who worked in the fields. But female farmers didn't just help cultivate the land and take care of cattle, they were also busy with children and took care of the whole farm.

Market gardener: At the end of the 19th century, herbs, vegetables, and fruit were grown in so called market gardens. Women cared for and pampered these plants every day in order to provide to their customers, at weekly markets, herbs, fruit and vegetables of great taste and freshness.

The stamps were created by Jacques Doppée, Luxembourgian painter, draughtsman, watercolourist and engraver.

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