Quilombo dos Palmares Memorial Park stamp from Brazil

By the new issue the Brazilian Post highlighted the cultural and historical importance of the Memorial Park Quilombo dos Palmares, a symbol of African people resistance in Brazil.

Quilombo dos Palmares was a fugitive community of escaped slaves and others in colonial Brazil that developed from 1605 until its suppression in 1694. It was settlement mainly of survivors and free-born enslaved African people, as well as mulattos, caboclos, Indians and poor whites, especially Portuguese soldiers trying to escape forced military service.

Located in the Serra da Barriga, the Quilombo dos Palmares Memorial Park was created in 2007. In the Memorial Park were reconstructed some of the most significant buildings of the Quilombo.

The stamp depicts on the left, the construction of Muxima Palmares (Palmares Heart), in honor of the commanders in chief who formed the deliberative council of the Quilombo. On the right, the indigenous hut is featured (Casa do Campo Santo). Two female figures represent the religious practices of this sacred space.

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