Topical Philippine Folklores and Legends

The Phlpost has issued a stamp dedicated to the topical Philippine Folklores and Legends. The character illustrated on the stamp is Bernardo Carpio.

Bernardo Carpio is a legendary figure in Philippine mythology who is said to be the cause of earthquakes. There are numerous versions of this tale. Some stories say Bernardo Carpio is a giant, as supported by the enormous footsteps he has reputedly left behind in the boondocks of Montalban (now Rodriguez), Rizal. Others say Bernardo was the size of an ordinary man. However, all versions agree he had muscle might that was akin to that of strongman Hercules from ancient Greek lore.

The legend's basic plot is that Bernardo Carpio, a being of great strength, was trapped between two great rocks in the mountains of Montalban. Some versions say he is keeping the big boulders from crashing into each other, and other versions say he remained trapped, still trying to break free until now.

When an earthquake occurs, old folks believe it is caused by the one and only Bernardo Carpio

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