The Cricket and the Ant Children

The Cyprus Post has issued a traditional series of Children's stamps dedicated to Aesop's fables. This time the stamps illustrate the fable "The Cricket and the Ant".

In a big forest, one summer, there lived a cricket and an ant. All the cricket ever did was eat and sing all day.

A little further on from the cricket's tree, the ant would come out from his nest searching for seeds. He would pile them onto his back and transfer them to his nest, where he would store them for the winter that was soon to come.

The summer days passed and the weather started getting colder. The ant, with a plentiful supply to last him until spring, went into his nest and closed the door, so that the cold would not get into his home.

The cricket, cold and hungry, did not have anywhere to go, nor did he have the strength to search for food since he was shivering from the cold. He went and knocked on the ant's door: - Kind neighbor, please, give me something to eat because all my leaves have gone dry and there is no food anywhere. - Tell me cricket, what were you doing all summer long? - Oh! Well I didn't have time to collect food, I was so happy, I sang all day! - Well! Since you spend your summer singing, the time has come for you to dance, said the ant and shut the door, leaving him outside. The moral of the story is: "Always prepare for the future, especially when you know the needs that may arise".

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