Screen Print stamps from Liechtenstein

March 2009 saw the appearance of the first issue in the series "The Printer's Art - Art print", the aim behind which is to revive the old techniques of the printer's art in the form of superior-quality art stamps and to present in miniature unique works of art specifically created for this purpose by local artists.

In the framework of this issue the Vaduz artist living in Zurich Hanna Roeckle created two works of art by the screen-printing process: "Crystal B" (face value CHF 1.00) and "Crystal G" (face value CHF 1.40). In screen printing, the most recent of the graphical printing techniques, ink is pressed through the ink-permeable sections of a specially prepared printing frame on to the substrate. Both artworks forming the basis of these stamps derive from a series of irregular image formats entitled "Tilings" ("Kacheln"), in which the artist has again for some time now been concerned with surface area. The shapes and colours of the geometric cubic bodies represented are hybrid: they may be crystals, gemstones, an anti-tank barrier or an erratic boulder. Hanna Roeckle has chosen colours inspired appropriately by the mineral world and by using the colours yellow, red and blue has also made direct reference to the national colours of Liechtenstein. In formal and colour terms the two stamps form pairs of opposites: they are aesthetic and fragile, static and animated, symmetrical and asymmetrical and they show light and shade.

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