Art: Sala Terrena of the Red Stone Castle stamp from Slovakia

Pofis, the Slovak Post, has issued a stamp illustrating a fresco from the Sala Terrena of the Red Castle, Slovak monument of the baroque art. In the middle of the 17th century, the Cerveny Kamen (Red Stone) Castle underwent an early baroque reconstruction. Italian artists and craftsmen changed the cold former Fugger stronghold into an aristocratic residence with the interior full of baroque splendor.

Especially the Sala terrena built on the ground floor of the castle stands out as a whole. The longitudinal space illuminated from the side by windows to the courtyard has a grotto built in two niches on the shorter side. In the middle of the front wall with doors on both sides (an illusive painting of a male figure looking inside covers the left doors) there is a niche with the statue of Venus. In the upper part of the dome, there is a cartouche with a fresco

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