The Best Christmas Gift – stamps from Brazil

December 25 is Christmas, the date most anticipated of the year for thousands of people. More than getting gifts and reunite the family, this day represents the birth of Jesus Christ, the Redeemer of the world.

To celebrate the Christmas 2012 the Brazilian Post has issued several colorful stamps:

1) Box with gifts: This stamp refers to the tradition of exchanging gifts at Christmas time. It features an open postal container branded with Brazilian postal service with gifts inside.

2) Coral: the stamp features a choir made up of children from various ethnic groups, singing happily with Santa Claus as conductor of major orchestras. The children, representing the future and hope, are united in a circle adorned with typical Christmas elements like holly leaves and musical notes.

3) The block of stamps is a graphical representation of the mosaic art. Rich in technique and color, this art consolidates the essence of the form and spirit over matter. Mary and Joseph are crouched contemplating Jesus, sent to give the humanity his teachings of Love, Peace and Brotherhood. The halo of baby Jesus shines with golden rays spreading throughout the block. The arrangement of Joseph and Mary, supported on the lower base of the block, forming a triangular shaped graphic composition, refers to stability and balance.

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