Centenary of the Sugar Loaf Cable Car stamps from Brazil

To celebrate the centenary of the Sugar Loaf cable car this block of stamps was issued by the Brazilian Post.

The Sugar Loaf cable car, one of the most beautiful illustrations for postcards of Brazil and also in the world, this autumn celebrates 100 years. First ski lift installed in Brazil and the third in the world, it is one of the most important icons of tourism in Rio, making it one of the main trademarks of the city of Rio de Janeiro.

The works of construction of the cable car stations and installation began in 1909 and lasted for three years. The ready cable cars arrived from Germany. The first stage, with a length of 528 meters, connecting Red Beach to Morro da Urca, was inaugurated on October 27, 1912. The second section, between the Morro da Urca and the Sugar Loaf Mountain, totaling 750 meters away, was inaugurated on 18 January 1913.

Sugar Loaf currently has two systems operating independent lifts, with two cable cars in each line. The carrying capacity of the cable car is 1,360 passengers per hour. The trolley can carry up to 65 passengers on each trip, and is unique in the world with fully transparent sides due to acrylics and polycarbonate used in aviation technology.

The stamps reproduce the touristic trip of Sugar Loaf cable car in a clear afternoon sky which allows visitors to admire the beauty of the resort city of Rio de Janeiro. The stamps focus on the peak of Sugar Loaf, one of the stations of the tour, and the gondola lift. Below the stamps the logos of Centennial Monorail and the World Philatelic Exhibition Brasiliana 2013 are placed.

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