Matari’i i ni’a: Prosperity Period stamp from French Polynesia

French Polynesia has issued a space stamp dedicated to Matari'i i ni'a period of the year.

By attentively observing the sky, the Polynesians had divided the year into two distinct seasons: Matari'i i ni'a, when the Constellation of the Pleiades became visible in the sky; and Matari'i i raro, when they disappeared in the horizon. Matari'i i ni'a, from 20 November to 20 May, was the season of abundance, the Tau 'auhune: the prosperous, rainy season, where Nature generously provided products of the land, sea and sky. A period of festivities where one also had to think about storing in anticipation of the food shortage and drought endured under Matari'i i raro, Te tau poai from 20 May until Matari'i i ni'a comes back again. Matari'i i ni'a where the breath of abundance has made the poets sing, has made the 'arioi dance, as artists devoted to 'Oro, God of Fertility. Matari'i i ni'a still today warms the hearts of Polynesians.

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