Lithuania Post to Release Winter Season Stamps

On Saturday, November 10, Lithuania Post released the last stamps of this year dedicated to Holy Christmas and New Year.

The two postage stamps were issued in relation with winter season. One of them featuring a Christmas view is intended for sending in Lithuania. Its nominal value is LTL 1.35 (EUR 0.39) The nominal value of another stamp is LTL 2.45 (EUR 0.71). It features a festive morning and can be used for cross-border items.

The author of the both stamps is the artist Vilius Brucas.

Stamps dedicated to Christmas have been issued in Lithuania since 1994. The author of the first stamp named Holy Christmas is the artist Ieva Naciulyte. The stamp with the nominal value of 20 centas depicted the Virgin Mary with baby Jesus in the background of the Three Crosses in Vilnius.

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