Coins from Daorson – stamps by Bosnia and Herzegovina

Croatian Post Ltd. Mostar has issued two commemorative postage stamps in sheet of 4 stamps, postmark and first day cover featuring coins from Daorson.

In the area of eastern Herzegovina, between Mostar and Stolac to the coast of Trebisnjica River, the Illyrian tribe Daors were inhabited, that had religious, administrative and political center in Osanici near Stolac. Due to its favorable geographical position, between the Adriatic coast and the mountains hinterland, they were engaged in trade. From the 3rd century BC, the strong influences of Hellenic culture in Daorsi were noticeable. Following the examples of the Adriatic and Ionian coastal cities, they began in the 2nd century to mint their own money; after the defeat of the Illyrian king Ballaios, 168 BC. This is the first coin minted in areas of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Only 10 copies of Daorson coins have been saved. On the obverse side, a male portrait (god Herm) is shown with the oblong hat, petasos, whose surface is filled with tiny protuberances, with short and combed hair. On the reverse side, a recognizable ship is shown and along the edge the name DAORSON is written in Greek letters. It is probably the representation of the warships of that time. Usually its lengths was 15 meters and width 4,5 meters. Ship's side height of the water is estimated to be around two meters, depth gauge about 1,5 meters and payload about 15 tons. Coins of Daors were cast in bronze, weighing about 5 grams and a diameter of 17 mm.

Paper is adhesive, with blindruck technique, so under the finger you can feel coins from Daorson.

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